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Footpaths and walks

We have a number of footpaths on the farm.  These are both Public Footpaths and some path routes that we have put in so that there are more routes for people to enjoy the farm, these are called Permissive Paths.  We hope you enjoy them both.

We have a number of grass margins around some of our fields, these are part of our stewardship scheme and are intended to provide a safe habitat for ground nesting birds and also an insect food source for all birds. Our aim is to provide linked habitats across the farm. 


We ask that you avoid walking on these areas and stick to the paths marked below.   

You can download our Wildlife Spotter Checklist to record what you see on your walks:

Public Footpaths are shown as a white line

Permissive paths are shown as yellow lines

We hope you will enjoy walking on both

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