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Hay and Straw

We make and bale our own meadow hay every year.  We turn the majority of the hay into conventional small bales but increasingly, demand is for the 3' diameter round bales.  These offer better value for money for those who have a requirement for larger quantities of hay.  You can order hay by email, or you can give us a call.  Many of our regular customers order all their hay for the year and we store it for them; this ensures them a guaranteed supply for the winter.

We also make small conventional barley straw bales.  In the same way as hay, this can be ordered by email or by telephone.

Firewood is proving more and more popular. We only use seasoned hardwood that we take from the farm through traditional hedgerow coppicing and the removal of dead trees.  Please get in contact with us to see if we have any firewood available.

We can deliver all of our products and the cost depends on our travel time. Delivery is free to Stonham Aspal, Crowfield, Mickfield and Pettaugh.  Anywhere within 3 miles is £5 and then it is £10 up to 5 miles from the farm.  Please call if you would like delivery further afield. 

Meadow Hay

£4.50 per small bale

£35 per round bale 

Barley Straw

£2 per small bale

Large bales £call

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